keskiviikko 23. huhtikuuta 2014

The samurai of Japan

The time it jumped out of the trough, 
and I kissed a brother Tuomas. 
I jumped over the flow of consciousness, 
Olaf's song Power. 
So passionately inside the blood flowed, 
over the space of the moon. 
I rowed silently out into the arms of my dream 
morning rise. 
Inside the needle got stuck 
the disc tray closed, 
my head is ringing incessantly 
Humiko San. 

As nocturnal silence can sometimes 
to poison the mind, 
and ideas to stay in the back of the twentieth century. 

Now my world of the Samurai 
Japan may be the moment. 
The beauty of the cherry trees, 
so wild in the spring of my heart to love. 
An internal bitterness moment of smiles, 
Time has stopped. 
It is inside the bud 
spring, the awakening of nature and magic.

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