torstai 3. huhtikuuta 2014

Self, weird dream glider

I dream weird glider ,
I live somewhere in another life .
The morning light intensification ,
I love you still .
Our moment was like a breath of wind ,
it flew over us quickly ,
wings of air under them was .
That's all I no longer know today .
Gives us time off just to take here .

I will not let you never out of my soul ,
even if life is better not to you .
At night you to power my dreams ,
dreams to comfort them for a moment .
The Moon passes over my dreams ,
it will awaken memories ,
I Capture the essence of the moth
jar oppressive .

Again, I see a brighter morning ,
night in my dreams with you while I live .
Now, is involved in a memorable dreams .
I have shut my opinion, you
time after time and time again.
Each time , however, close the jar with me ,
like moth to a glass prison.

It is easy to be quiet ,
and settle the demands of the world .
You do not understand what is right,
the second to trample subordinate .
I know passing through the hells
Way to another under the rule of
are subjected to .

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