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Night boring into my soul raps
brick wall thicker.
I write the words, the stories
through the centuries,
They appear the way rhymes,
I live to the fullest, too.
Sometimes you in a song
I wrote.
Too handsome woman,
the man in the eyes of the show.
The woman got a samurai
to break the heart.

San Humiko, the atmosphere
mirror of my soul I do.
I get the song of longing
the lost chord.

Simpauttaja of time,
I dig far behind over the years.
Heikki, hectic, favoring text.
Jokela, I came up with pretty books,
perpetual scholarship.
Hearts of love means
box, power, and glory.
Cross the money in spades to know death.

Ace of Spades in hand,
the cards of fate in life.
Anyone trying to understand the
this world in a circle,
the space must work around.

I am going to chop of my life,
as gambling beaten.
I pity my heart,
I'm walking through it every last tear.
My soul is black;
the angel of the girl next door,
a night of love poems to write.

Simpauttaja (film)
Director Veikko Kerttula
The writer of the novel by Heikki Turunen, Matti-Juhani Karila, and Hannu Veikko Kerttula Tyhtilä
Photo by Raimo Väisänen
Far North
Editing by Keijo Virtanen
The main parts of Ahti Kuoppala
Pekka Räty
Esko Hukkanen
Leni Juniper Rapids
Ahti Jokinen
Preparation Information
Made in Finland Finland
Distributed by MTV
The premiere on 17 February 1975
This will take about 150 minutes
Original Finnish
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Simpauttaja is a Finnish Veikko Kerttula, directed in 1975 completed the television movie, based on Heikki Turunen on the novel of the same name.

The film aired on television for the first time in February 1975. Thereafter, the film is presented in a rerun from 1976, 1981, 1985, 1995 and 2000. [1]

Finn Kino released the movie on DVD format, August 21, 2009. [2]

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