torstai 17. huhtikuuta 2014

I will miss my love

I will miss my love 
I put my hands together 
under the breast, 
maybe for a moment to pray. 

In my mind through the city 
I walk with you as 
even then. 
Shadows of trees in the park 
clouded with us 
when I loved you too much. 

Never has this life 
this will be more beautiful 
Stayed on too much 
to intervene. 
Love is never 
I do not get caught received, 
lonely heart it 
beats in my chest, 
sometimes in silence. 

I remember the glow 
when I watched you, 
with brown eyes idolatrous. 

Morning on a variable rotor case, 
your red t-shirt. 
The town was sleeping dog sleep, 
I stayed up, 
as well as you, and space creation. 
Kissed the love, 
It would be a dream like that.

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