lauantai 12. huhtikuuta 2014

The shadows of the old popular music

Love evaporates, 
face your side evaporates. 
Only memories remain 
yesterday, tomorrow will be 
be a mirror of the real longing. 
I live in my memories 
here again today, 
I tied my words wreath. 
Wedding bouquet from which I 
woman's hand with getting older. 

My mirror is glued to the fragmented, 
complete assembled. 
I foolishness here 
the world fall for the road, 
after a moment again. 
Entangled in the network of life.
They simply take up the shadows of the old popular music. 
You can save me from being a recluse. 
I say to my world again 
back again, feeling just yesterday 
secretly at night kissed my forehead. 
Here we beat each other 
sometimes too much is required, 
and gold and fortune 
worshiped in vain. 

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