keskiviikko 30. huhtikuuta 2014

Vappu 1. 5. 2014

What was the day when the
you've arrived when you left off.

May Day around the viscous
streamers. bottle of sparkling wine
I have just opened somewhere.
Pink color spread
the ceiling, the black and white rug,
as well as hardwood floors.

Today at 18:00
markets already closed.
We know each other in the checkout queue
currently feeling will be ignored.
In front of me was standing in the checkout queue
man, smelled a foul odor,
It was the same scent,
as the body of the wicked shall rot.

He had a beer based on partial mass,
hands shook, as narcosis hangover.
I have only one bottle of mead
I bought when passing someone
outside my door knocking today.
May Day for me is the same day
as it was yesterday,
can not be separated from the hermit days of each other.
The word of an interesting, if you let me,
The word spike, can not for a moment entertain my day.

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