keskiviikko 30. huhtikuuta 2014

Is back in the spring

Is back in the spring . Feet on the lookout for a new direction ,
where lucky enough to fall asleep next to me.
Summer must grow in a wild frenzy .
I do not want to lose my grip , this spring.
I did not lose hope, but a cold weather fraudulent .
A small stone in the shoe may be too much to hurt .
Too long has this street again,
toes in the shoes too much to squeeze .
Shirt collar is too tight, it will constrict.
Sometimes it is just another moment that too much distressed .
Determination on the way over to cope with .

I have lived a long , full , and a lot .
A lot, and felt more than the other ,
so many times I whispered to no avail
jealousy , many mouths .
I fell in love only once ,
the feeling went over their heads , and the printer
about a thousand poems , and the inside
I hid too many cliché .
I do not feel the longing to yesterday ,
and tomorrow ardor longer
dancing in restless legs.
Now, I am a hermit in my own life ,
days of barbed wire in the siege of jail.
It is said that home is his castle ,
my home , it is a prison.

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