torstai 26. joulukuuta 2013

The world

The world is lost in a large park.
How can I advise them of the road, all
the truth? The pain can not be killed,
do not hide away from the ground. The beginnings of the remaining
humans, is in the clichés yesterday?
Love the whip on my back beats,
it is within the roughness whip eternal remorse job.
Point again, the new year may change,
Finnish Maiden in the year 2014, bobs, or bows.
It does not matter, I'm here among the lost.
We here blindly groping in the separated
each other, hate, love, war, it is
bone of contention.
I mistakes here in the street, I write
a song, a poem or a story. life in the
Inside a ghost character gets.
At night, the frontal bone pain in the majority fists to knock it.

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