perjantai 20. joulukuuta 2013

I'd like to rest in your arms

You will not notice me,
you do not need me,
to offend you wish to only in passing,
it is only the same as the
we had together before.
You will not feel the pain,
who wants my soul out
float in the winds.
You do not ever listen to me,
replaced password override.
Position inside of this pain,
elapsed time makes me a living dead.

Man was created by God, the cup of stupidity all
teaching drank, and Adam imitates.
I am numb the pain
Eve in Paradise, which turned into a living hell.
Position of this sadness,
it takes all the power in my life.
Grit my teeth and I cry even in my dreams.
There is a weight off my chest feel heavy millstone.

Not lucky enough to find that every time you get a relationship
wants, the former need to get more work.
We all too easily from the released,
stupid our happiness will be discontinued.

I'd like to rest in your arms the mother earth,
I do not want to continue this torture boomerang of the same story.

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