lauantai 7. joulukuuta 2013

Grey is a good color

That moment when the night finally goes out,
dawn rises up along the skyline.
Word of the invoice will rise a new day,
time for old wounds of the scar gets.
I play all the old songs, which can
Sadly, a broken console.
They are the two stories of the house,
old lamentations, lost the way to love.
Finally rises from the radius of the sky to the beach to dance,
I miss the morning salute,
he takes me to the drum swinging.
Just another day to get get.
There are moments when all the slides out of alignment,
and the city of humility on my lap freezing temperatures gasp.
Grey is a good color, it already so many passer-by saw.
Street child threw me Christmas package, the
read the passer-by, I found the inside of a broken angel.
It's on the kitchen table again glued intact.

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