sunnuntai 29. joulukuuta 2013


The philosopher across the world
cross stung.
Debated, argued with justification
I started by brainstorming,
speech jury

Somebody got angry,
got stuck in the brain,
put his thoughts to the node.
If not otherwise figured
of the women accused:
you're a chauvinist.

Once again debated,
whether in space
the majority of our God.
The lift of the hat values​​,
is troubled with his head,
grope top of the head,
to catch the hair.

Is the love of chemistry,
whether or bias really big,
in this logic;
a small root of the story.

His Spirit was in the air of the ship,
on the ideas of heaven.
I still head bother you,
I go into a black hole
Come in.
There, I ask for more power,
if there's another country,
and the sea.
Another philosophizer comrade?

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