keskiviikko 25. joulukuuta 2013

sad cowboy

I live in my soul
sad cowboy.
he's out there
country music to create songs may be,
melody on a ride
at sunset.

I am afraid of his
shadow, which
fell upon my soul.
Do the girl about your heart
to treat, it is full
they are unnecessary knocks.

When a feather
business breaks the silence.
I Give My head
Stetson, beginning with the
a new song.
I sing a sad song
hidden love.
Sealed it tone,
chords with a kiss.

Sometimes I live only to dream,
some never
the feeling of love.
Not great souls
friendship, why
I get tears.
riding in my heart
sad cowboy.
He sometimes longing burden
help to bear.

With so much to me, he
support, as well as helped
when I
spiked in the fire.
He took me by the hand
caught, brought up the
the heavens.
Bear sewed Wire
when my soul,
his soul closed.
Intact, and a broken
at the same time I was corrected.

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