perjantai 27. joulukuuta 2013


Is it easy to have viewed them in traps,
the camp fire rings songs of the Roma?
A minority with Us
each one. Environmental asks to adapt,
the issue of running away.
Did you say something to me in the shadows rumors of?
Life, it pulls me away from somewhere,
from the other, the friends that I hated or loved.
Today, a tear in his eye, currencies,
begins inside the chaos of life, of which
day by day, I understand always less and less.

The eternal love of it
soul from prison.
All my thoughts were you to create,
it is a deep feeling indulgent, protective.
I can not find myself anymore,
does not exist to me anymore.
There are only a twinge of spades,
the boiler without the lid.
Only around unreality
to grow their own wings.

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