keskiviikko 25. joulukuuta 2013


In space, there were many black
opening. They absorbed the galaxies
devoured them, as the thirst for water
I landed on the wings of the poet,
intergalactic journey.
philosopher for knowledge
star dust sucked into my lungs.

Thus the glory
some are light years behind,
where does this all life
had started out.
Crystal skull spoke
to me, read my mind,
It chuckled out loud, and
laughed ho hoh hoh earth-shattering
laughter. It was the laughter
Earth bottom,
the quake.
Rivers to flood over the gorges.

It was the laughter
Most Powerful creator,
for which we are gay sapiens
we call God.
That's when I knew
I was ambassador in space,
Bridge of humans and angels
between. I had a crystal child,
born in a bright soul.

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