perjantai 20. joulukuuta 2013

Christmas Poem

Come quickly to my side of the Friends,
Christmas is facing me.
It ignited my room
so many candles,
while they are heated.
Still, my heart is sometimes
while heartbroken.
If you come to me for a while
the ice, producing a sweet peace.

So many poems about you
I guess I wrote in secret.
Only one for Christmas
you sent it.
Life hard today
I'm caught, I think the morning sun.
Darkness of night, my room
depart from.

I waited for you in vain, so
you hid my poems
yesterday. They have treasured the words of
inside me heart,
the words is the way of love.
So much I realize that I will always be here,
senses through the journey through life.
You do not ever say good-bye,
I will just say goodbye.

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