sunnuntai 22. joulukuuta 2013

Medusa's network

Stroke the wind quietly grain,
I dried my tears, you
before ground frost fair,
Bridges countries. I'm sad it
daughter of the wind, the storm roar
I hear only the inside.
Come with me to dance when the country
and the mother of the land is fertile,
and harvest the biggest blessed.
I did not want them to tears
never back
I would have liked to be dry wilderness.
Desert sand storms that
the wind far from lost.
Deactivated dreams come true. unfinished
interwoven, the most beautiful black lace.
Medusa's network in the lap of the sea weaves
which he received the title of the most beautiful mermaid.
He sings: the most beautiful prince to me
please, can I donate my voice to the Sirens.
I prefer silent as a lone,
unhappy, as well as rabid.

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