keskiviikko 25. joulukuuta 2013

I went too long distance

I went too long distance ,
myself up off the left the wall .
I went to other worlds ,
realizing a damn ,
what is around the corner again tomorrow to see her.
How shocking can be tomorrow ?
I find it never lost
red twine, I never
a deck of cards to raise spades guy.
King of Hearts is a great asset ,
even though it is so unpredictable , and frustrating .
Weekdays , they continue to travel ,
I will build a dam of emotions inside me
until the dam bursts of tears gestures .
Maybe some here in my feelings become desensitized ,
on and off yesterday , and tomorrow .
Rainbow in December to decorate the skyline,
you are stroking my hair at the bar Sointula .
You say you are too beautiful red haired .
We are like sunshine , and the gnome .
I will go out of the situation ,
you get there you do not go anywhere .
This stubborn , resilient people of Finland ,
it's a black Christmas break , no excuses for its strength .
I'm like a black swan ,
closing , I would like to change the color of the color of the fire.

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