sunnuntai 8. joulukuuta 2013

Black overlay

Black overlay on top at days
All disappears, it is only now that
Travelling per woman in old age.
Too much, he is already the world's evil matured.
Passed my world to all the stars, or
I no longer notice them now.
It comes with the territory, as the ring box,
when it is abolished. It's that time slipped by,
when the feeling was that just a moment yesterday, it's that,
Be charmed by each other, to be drunk ..
Suddenly all the heat between us faded away.
Now the cold by just under my blanket slips. I'm cold
will be needed in blankets. The time coverage of black
at days on the cast already, and all the happiness
left far away. Happiness was, it's a small vibrating dragonfly.

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