torstai 19. joulukuuta 2013

Bad blood

We're here to eternity no one,
point I'm flying up to the sky
I'll take a straight path of the soul.
I was disappointed with life, even before the
it started properly on my part at all.
I never could drown my sorrows
booze, I settled in to live tavern.
Ancestral curse can not be avoided no one,
bad blood in my veins flows.
I guess my family is not the Mafia reality
got one. Grandpa forged iron,
weapons blew the bellows, and the coals were glowing red.
Bad blood flowing inside me,
diseased genes with the flow lapping.
Life does not it can give out,
is it rush you, love passed out
somewhere in the gutter. I for nothing
yesterday devices, stopped for the time you want.
Watches too slowly or too fast is.
What was the time where no sadness or bitterness outward show up?

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