keskiviikko 6. marraskuuta 2013

Viper field

I can interpret the feelings of the most beautiful
with their own tears.
Hear fiance when I sing,
I sing as the whooper swan.
liver frost of love,
song of love
unlimited number of voice I raise.

Calculation of the sound in the air,
maiden Ilmatar.
Sea Sirens choir,
I let out.
You song choruses
save, the joy in the air
only once let.

Kaleva's paths,
present at the time of the mediators,
chords charming voice.
The sound without being over bearing,
the flood to give.

Plow Seppo Ilmarinen,
plow collectible viper field,
I'm yours.
I am a daughter of Louhi slim.
My mother really conjures up the brood of
more, before arriving
wintry weather.

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