lauantai 16. marraskuuta 2013

Rusted anchor

I think at times that I love you,
then you can find it again for some shyness fled their gang.
There is no shyness produce butter, it is too much distance between us increased.
It is between the dream is too large, then the miss to increase the country longing
strong roots. I would like to give you everything,
it all just sink into the swamp, with too much shyness.
Now is the end of the reset, the ghosts of yesteryear are gone,
rend myself following the sinking of the ship tomorrow the flag.
Rusty anchor cast over the ship's rail.
I guess some still found it a place one lap, which is just waiting for me.
You can make me a better woman, you intense humiliation,
who does not notice at all other men.

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