perjantai 8. marraskuuta 2013

Irony on the beach

Irony on the beach crying a never-ending stupidity.
I was lighter flame, and you added the gasoline it,
I open flame blaze. It was a moment of it, skipped
feelings away, to board a moving train.
You were like a woman, incomplete, raised without a father.
Half of insensitive, hurtful man.
I took my right to own the world, to break, to destroy the
boundless love. I'll burn your bridges behind you,
I do not apologize any longer. I am a victim of gifts will never carry the altar.
You said a moment ago you will never violate me.
After that it only took a moment, my soul You're doing when I world the truth about this shark.
You're doing nails, fragment smashing everything inside me.
I breach this predicament, I will not ever ascend.

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