lauantai 2. marraskuuta 2013


I can hear the crying of laughing in the middle of March.
It's just hysterical laughter. I took off too
paraphernalia off of my soul, as late as when
feels like spring. Monitors the inside of loneliness,
expect that knocking at my door. I'm ready
to open up, take you inside the room to fall.
I do not know why, loneliness has been created over the country.
Me and my imagination are two of us,
I put the words in the poems in a row to dance.
My room is dark, the way Do I right,
or wrong? Is there any any goal.
Yesterday also does not need be, tomorrow catacombs screaming winds,
steps in the corridor you can hear?
Where he goes astray, who wants a friend .

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