lauantai 16. marraskuuta 2013

Stellar Inflight

Star during the flight ,
say the magic word.
Seita drum to drum him,
sparks the fire for up
the night into the dark beats .
the wings of the Northern Lights
I can get a ride ,
time show on the road
there Kaltio drill .

I white deer
arctic in the night , I am.
The blowing snow wintry ,
the deer in the soul
I get underneath me .
Canter over the polar night ,
over the Arctic .
You burned my heart nimes
Seita flames.
Take the night in a dream common
step will create a sacrificial stone .
It is my dream, your character
the most sweetest, .

Playing those drums largest
melodies pumtsi pumtsi pump .
It's the rhythm of our hearts
heart attached by adhesive .
Drum Heads passionate
vibrates in every fiber
shout night. The Magic Drum
wild shakes.
With every fiber of you
cry me create .
Time flees ,
night darkness thickens .
The thrill of the night only
to raise a storm in the Northeast.
Longing sticks ,
my little heart.

The memories of shadows ,
they follow me anywhere device.
If you 'd like to blow the carbon incandescent ,
so with you again from
this drill , the high arctic .

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