keskiviikko 13. marraskuuta 2013

Same time happy and sad

Today, the weakest on the wings I can fly,
carry me alternately crying, laughing restless.
Inside lives in the soul of a troubled man.
Around the entire world, the fixed stars, space,
I can see the natural beauty of the moment.
The World in the annals of my poems,
just maybe a small patch remains.
Where this journey leads to all, which is the destination.
All come take a look at who the wings of the words
some fly dancing, inside today, space hymns rang.
Opened my eyes a great utopia, dreams land
I can see how it is summer, warm
breezes lull in my hair, some alfalfa blossoms.
Visit the words line up to dance, my mind is
light as a feather, I am at the same time happy and sad.
In November, a new future in December
for Finland slouch. My only inside me
growing rhymes in different languages​​, I can send them to the world.
My words will rise as the stairs to heaven, they will read
a new multi-ethnic, and live on my blog tomorrow.

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