perjantai 8. marraskuuta 2013

Space Queen Imatar

Friday pulled the blanket
over the weekend,
rest is the mother earth.

He is ready to embrace,
who loves Aphrodite today.
Space Queen Imatar is so beautiful,
he flies, laughing to tears.

Aphrodite's son is the world's most handsome man,
it is already the mother earth knows the time of birth.

Big Dipper ride on the waves of space,
in the wake of passing a hundred tabs.
Constellations of the world,
creates a huge brightness.
The tail of the residue my way to visit,
when the sky redden,
sign of pain on his shoulders
to throw the mother earth.

The world is so big desolate,
who could play console,
participants will be blessed and comforted
time after time again.
He's out there in space, looking down
down into the world, and wonders, wonders
silence. Rings inside the catacombs winds.

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