torstai 14. marraskuuta 2013

Anni Domini

Then in the morning, and the night
kissing each other.
When we sleep the border of
In my dream, you're by my side,
the hand you hold my hand,
You offer me the drops of your lips
kiss off.

Then the morning hesitates a moment,
night and early morning hours with passion
make love.

Lingers, yet the shadows
some sleep on the ground.
At last, until the gray gives way to
the light of the way.
I wake up, I get up from sleep,
I write a poem of hope on Thursday,
is it out of the melancholy chords.
A hint of love, it hangs
Otava closed. My heart is full of warmth,
you have marked the way, the truth, and the key port
inside my dreams.
You are a breath of fresh sparkling wine Tokaj,
and I would like for you to be Anni Domini.

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