maanantai 11. marraskuuta 2013

My thoughts

I write on my own, I look forward to this tune my word cadence.
My thoughts go in the morning, in the evening is
brave words of a man who is not afraid to love.
Inside position too much darkness,
one day you see me in the world;
for the sun to shine inside me for months.
For more rhymes, chords, my inside me out dancing.
Ages across this poem from within gushes out.
Silent cries of the darkness inside me doing them in November.
No mother earth can not turn off the lips Gush story
it is a reaper work when the sky turns off
for my sake. Then no one will cry at my own sake,
someone somewhere in the world whispering, he lived and died
thousands of poems somewhere in space depend on the state was created.

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