keskiviikko 13. marraskuuta 2013

After a period of war

Scared of sawdust clothes ,
always growling stomachs ,
Dad cooked beets in the pot .
Threw seven days
Never again beets he said .
In modern times perpetual
poverty, it will continue to generations .
Roof, hatch , it's this century ,
During the war, we walked along the train tracks .

It was feared the bomb rain, mine .
Air Fighting sat my father ,
Grandpa and Grandma front.
Now resting with the soil below .

Nurmeksen borough of wartime children
fear the roofs of sitting.
Saved a hearing and lost ,
Kaarlonkatu 10 , BOMB PROTECTION
they all went , the plaque says.
Think back to grandma , grandpa , father's Voices .

This time the children , raised without discipline.
Previous generations had to suffer in the war
such a mess of the past , ranging from small family allowance .

Layette Mannerheim League for Child Welfare ,
paper, diapers, enamel bowl, that's how it started ,
Finland's ascent towards a new recession.
Chapter two thousand and suffering, without war ,
fear of livelihood , fear almost the same .

In today's families , booze , drugs,
failure , the child's lack of security .
Removed from the home nurses , mothers pulled
stack up , constant insomnia punish mercilessly.

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