perjantai 8. marraskuuta 2013

The two stories of the house

The two stories of the house,
City of Rovaniemi was maybe a witch,
hiding the goods.
I think it was a bad witch,
storybook lightning.
Tell your mother that
which is not enough words to
abrakakapra new spells.

Our mother says,
if enough of the story.
Parrot is a subsidiary,
sister almost speechless.

Pharmacy resident cat,
a cozy furs,
was just a weird cat always very psyched.
Cigarettes smoked,
the mice were obeyed,
fought with kid gloves.
Rats caught my yard,
dogs, it was anger.

The pharmacist had a cat,
a comfortable furs.
The cat was Krumeluun ever after
correctly fame,
the cause of the pharmacist's cheerfulness.
Tomorrow back story novel,
is at half six,
tomorrow is forever.

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