lauantai 9. marraskuuta 2013

It's time to scorpions

Rinse the rain just me, I am washable .
I caught a cold just now and then , otherwise I stay on my feet .
I am female I changed into a bear in the middle of the darkness ,
curling up into the body to sleep.
By my side I do not need armies of incandescent with rage .
Inside of your home to pay the army , which limits My territory to defend.
I'm back in the middle of endearment such as poor troll ,
My territory blithely cross- raped .
I hate anger, quiet country today lull
febrile children. I sorrow, and fever in the middle of them rave .
Light freezes in March , I felt around to wrap tighter .
It's time to scorpions out of the cave until November slouch .
I think the candle flame , and in its light I see as the rewinding or fast forwarding
during the whole of my life .
Too fast against humanity was the flight , I passed on for far too many years.
No longer is it just the least bit of time left .
Just a glimpse, it was our life . Light goes out for my sake in the sky.
I'm over the life out of the deceptiveness of the airship .

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