tiistai 12. marraskuuta 2013

Humanity flight

So the short and slim to be a flight of humanity,
the dry weather day dragonfly.
That, too, is the ability to get words of a continuous ringing cadence,
by being a little low-key and completely relaxed.
Strange waking up the day before six in the morning,
to wait for a new future.
Angel hovering in the air in seven balls, they sing songs of life.
The solitude of the journey I do, I'll make coffee,
then plunge into the world of nymfin seven.
Tuesday's sand hourglass of life, I would
someone. My arm infectious leprechaun,
the cave cliff east. I do not want to be the sunshine
the last one, but the princess of darkness, to share the love
with leprechaun stubborn.

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