tiistai 19. marraskuuta 2013

Black November

Black and impossible to November,
love is in the air fluidized bed anywhere.
Low pressure, a crow sitting on the fence,
take off without leaving, no fear.
Dark sad darkness behind I do not get to see.
Gray veil, life, points on the map
where the lives of friends, people yearn for.
Still someone a happy day arrives,
when you do not press the loneliness of a burden on my back.
I'm full of scars ripped open, promises
deceived, appointments that did not come.
I am alone in the house hidden in the twilight,
I would like to give up all of this already.
Grief resides in my room here, home-built
great sad. It's sad inside
opened bud, burst into the most beautiful flower.
It became a rose, pitch black, spikes
full of stinging, it blooms close to my heart.
I no longer believe in anything, other than the
paralyzing grief of all, my heart
full of longing exhausting.

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