sunnuntai 9. helmikuuta 2014

The naked man

the naked man 
yard passing their land 
I saw him for the first time I encountered, 
quite startled. 

A tall man and big ideas, 
rockabilly sing, 
our way met once 
just a few moments on their way, 
I was then the only girl in the red 
skirt, omnidirectional. 
So naive girl with her thoughts, 
Now my feet are 
high heels caught has increased. 

The wisdom of their way to second period 
probably with him. 
Now everything I could quite unlike 
to realize, if everything from the beginning 
I would get his journey. 

But one of the street, 
that was the burden of evil on their way 
to press, I bowed posture. 
The soul of an angel, if you ever point the most, 
the soul immediately exchange the black.

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