tiistai 18. helmikuuta 2014

Prairie agony screaming

Prairie agony screaming, 
whispering grasses of its longing. 
You Miss, 
I kiss your picture. 
Even though in my heart lives in hope, 
miss the dry well. 

As he left, 
leaving behind a large nasty. 

The time is from when, 
Salo waved my ticket to agree. 
My heart beat brisk raged. 
These dreams is within me ever 
outward show. 

Always results in Halo, 
when I arrive at the scene. 
Men stare blushes, 
the nature of love it wastes. 
Oh, this defies, 
I am a woman say in my possession, 
Inside anger of blood seethe. 

You get up on your feet after me grow 
a large caravan of longing, 
to ride behind me. 
Nasty mourning veils my heart bears not. 
Aphrodite's son in my heart the power of advocates, 
aksellinsa revolves around the mother earth.

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