lauantai 15. helmikuuta 2014

Oh world

Oh world ,
how you dissapointed me
did not find my way
to the nites - nites of satin .
I was only wrapped in rough linen .

Once I was young ,
like the Aino , the Karelian beauty,
just like a woman from the Kalevala
and the world was laying on my feet ...
It was before something
That I now , in my memories call
the endless witch - hunt .

And I wanted to be
romantic and happy , then ,
just for a while .

Now , wrapped in rough linen
I roughen myself,
and with my mind hallucinated
leave my inner softness
open to visions , poems .

My days are filled
with the variousity of loneliness
all of it , all of its kind .

And at the very moment
feeling so sad , so lonely
I stamp on my former dreams
with my own two feet

Those feet , once so strong
Those Two, dancing,
That through the Year
That once was
even my voice then stumbling ,
turned to the echo of the voice of siren ,
and like a mermaid , made ​​of silky salty water ,
I just danced through Those endless nights
That of the Year , That joy , That melody

And now , how can it be
That I wrap myself in rough linen
with the memories
How can it be

Those nites of satin all so far ,
never coming back
never again
to us.

© Satu Tanninen

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