sunnuntai 16. helmikuuta 2014


I hate to fall around my shoulders mourning veil. 
Spring melancholy inside me to grow, 
under the veil of mist sleeping in never-never land. 
Dreams of a curtain-like, 
to my eyes, they will create their dreams. 
One thousand poems I sad 
to write. 
A moment of happiness, but not to keep, 
then everything that is beautiful to forget. 

Rainy mornings, creating a dripping futility, 
rain drops if it is dropped or window sill 
create a new tone. 
Can one day be like the whole of life, 
and life can be one day ahead. 
The bridge is visible, and invisible 
of the world to grow them. 

Fighting against windmills, 
riding on the crest of the sea 
a storm only.

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