keskiviikko 5. helmikuuta 2014

On the Moon Walker

I lift up the hard wind sails. 
I want to forget about the troubles of today. 
I give the floor to the philosopher, 
so I can hear the music 
meteorite choir. 
I listen to the promptings of the moon, 
Saturn's notes, 
I have my dreams on the moon walker. 

Always be able to keep the support, as well as 
to provide security. To avoid the pain of 
To avoid pushing one 
towards destruction; 
towards suicide. 
My tears spilling sometimes 
down her face, 
The pain is sometimes roaring rapids. 

Received from the person 
keeping care of it. 
Love is a force 
who need to get a ring. 
This will draw on the power. 
Friendship is the understanding, 
it can never decide 
the amount of anyone of freedom. 
concern for 
it has no basis, 
is the wrong way. 

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