tiistai 18. helmikuuta 2014


Aching and empty soul,
Inside sting .
Hard it is to long for ,
miss you so much here
our life on the road.

There are two of us broken ,
two strangers ,
looking at each other by
I can not always swallow my tears .

I love you too much ,
therefore, all the joy of my life disappears.
Does not light up the evening lights of the bridge arches ,
the road that leads to love.
The morning sun brush the pain
paint the purple skyline.
Your name up to you, write it at night
soul dip into the sand .

In my dream, you are always with me ,
the sky splits in love upon us it's raining.
Dreams have mercy on me for a moment .
You're so handsome,
I do not get people ,
Aphrodite's son rides the sky with a cloud .

The morning sun shining on I miss you there.
This warms up the day I love you more ,
the mid- half of my heart on the road.
Unfortunately, it is a knife in my heart your name
tattoos . The world is filled with news from foreign countries ,
it echoes in my longing media,
repeated cliffs , swamps.

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