maanantai 10. helmikuuta 2014

Fly restless mind

Fly to the troubled mind, 
Gliding fly 
like a bird. 
Hurry up quickly. 
it is a poison, 
lively mind. 

fly to seven 
over days, 
across the seven seas. 
to where 
love blossoms, 
caressing the eye with its colors 
Stop only there, 
into joy, and happiness. 

you are an orphan 
in this country, 
motherless, fatherless 
virgin child. 
Restless, beautiful, gray-haired. 

Hidden in my soul, with all 
unnecessary memories below. 
Below is a scarred wounds, 
which I do not know how to tie. 
Time to grow up is to continue to grow. 
The time is spring, happiness, and love; earth. 
With summer approaching, it is the way of the fairies, 
on the wings of wet air travailing sometimes lie. 

Time has burst into bloom willow, 
Time to grow grass on the villae. 
Is much different, 
the fragrance of myrrh from different countries. 

Something brought by the smell of the wind. 
I stare at the melt channel river bed. 
Spring struts, it will come as early as may be, 
the wings of seagulls here to ride.

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