lauantai 1. helmikuuta 2014

Faceless woman

Take me time rolls over on. 
In vain I try to seize the moment to catch, 
my mind is running wild as the wind vane. 

Faceless woman of the world on roads 
I am glad the song is created here. 
Northern skin, burning in my soul I got, 
girl I am now Karelian dance 
the high places. 

I have grown weary of the world on the road, 
even though I have them women, 
with charisma, enchantment, 
will and power. 
For the I old, straight noble, 

My songs rattles troubled waters of cattle lands. 
Inari lake still longing echoes. 
Joiku rises somewhere in the wind I 
I sing, lift up the gooseneck. 
Beautiful is the voice of the North, a son, 
Rentukka flower for a moment I would like to 
to be, for the I-aliasing northern boy 
the years to bestow a wet ditch.

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