perjantai 7. helmikuuta 2014


Where is that little boy 
to laugh at through the eyes of 
broke a flower meadow 
during the summer. 
Where is the little girl, 
a strawberry tasted 
in a wooded meadow. 

Hidden in my soul, 
all unnecessary memories below. 
Below is a scarred wounds, 
I do not know how to tie that. 
The time to grow up grow up grow, 
time is spring, 
happiness, as well as the country of love. 

With summer approaching, it is the way of the fairies, 
on the wings of wet air 
travailing sometimes lie. 
Time has burst into bloom willow, 
Time to grow grass on the villae. 
Is much different, 
the fragrance of myrrh, 
from different countries. 

the scent of something 
to bring the wind, 
I stare at the melting 
channel river bed. 
Spring Rocking, 
it will come to get it 
ride the wings of seagulls.

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