lauantai 8. helmikuuta 2014

POETRY resist bullying

Windmills in my mind, 
the same air runs. 
I want another world 
but I do it anywhere now 
group of defiance. 

My hair color glow in the 
gold purple. 
Life is still my feet 
carry, I often 
stumbled off the path. 
Now give me your hand, 
to grasp the fact that I get. 
School Bullies will away, 
they can not not be our world 

Is sensitive to the mind the little man, 
do not let it fall to pieces ever. 
Bullied in the tunnel of life 
shows only black dark. 

The light is not anywhere he can see, 
the words of the evil he perceives 
slashes hurt. 
Let us make tomorrow 
nice tease pristine land. 
So then I my song, 
while a major key, it wants to play. 

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