torstai 13. helmikuuta 2014

Life stops for hitting me

Life stops for hitting me. 
I no longer want to tremble under the blows. 
I want to be free, to fly on the wings of an eagle 
cotton candy clouds in the sky. 
Today I bother my head, 
thinking, by the time axes 
continuing spiral-
move the space behind the window. 

I fell back, Odin's horse, 
it is this wild life. 
Must rise again as soon as steed's back, 
but tomorrow, here today, I'm afraid. 
I want to rise even up at the stars, 
Milky Way on the fence, we were faced, was seen. 

Time already ran over me, fell in love with it a sense of 
I guess I will not ever go away. 
It's inside me so long to return, 
until it's my time to turn a blind eye.

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