sunnuntai 9. helmikuuta 2014

Please do not hurt me

Night of love makes us thieves, 
the cover of darkness from me run away from. 
You will not find it, however, what 
you go into the arms of another to steal. 
Once in a lifetime there is always one moment, 
where have all the pieces in place. 
I yearn to you where there is 
the salty sea, and inside seethe 
an ardent longing for love warm blood. 
Sometimes we have to admit all 
error of our ways, inspiring a stranger 
next, to note that all the love I lost. 
Once in a lifetime, it will be time to 
when we have to crawl to the humble 
the soul back home. The old ones in your tracks 
I cleaned up, and the sweeper 
Please do not hurt me, do not come 
never come to me again.

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