torstai 6. helmikuuta 2014


We laughed, we cried danced before. 
It was a life shift the flow of grief, and love. 
We dance and bonfire night sparks, 
darkness around the campfire lights are flashing lights of the night into the darkness 
the atmosphere created. No freedom chained long before, 
Now our skins chips is placed under the appropriate, by the way. 
Not wild, and free to be longer even a gypsy. 
The lack of knowledge of life, the soul from the prison closes his stifle. 
It's just a moment of time, I hope that you are once again free of the shackles. 
Then perhaps a common way of love found in the country. 
From me you went over to someone else, you got the wrong shackles 
ankles, and wrists. You lost your way, 
of self. Inside the longing sounds of grief, anger, a sense of 
turn in a circular motion pace, sometimes for a moment in silence.

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