lauantai 25. lokakuuta 2014


You're a man in my eyes 
the soot handsome silver willow. 
So you've grown in my eyes 
high grand. 
And the thick wavy 
hair, they should be very happy 
would push my fingers. 
I would like to feel, silky black 
feel of thick dark hair. 
Your voice in my ear is a 
beautiful melodious flute sound. 
The love you have inside the 
summer sun after the rain. 
It dries and warms. 

I will love you through the decades, 
it carries the feeling of youth to mature 
at the time of old age. 
You're the one who spring 
get the free stream flow. 
I will listen to your voice, 
as long as the hearing is in order. 
Still, we have the two mandarin ducks 
flying in different directions. 
The highest in the world, 
I am afraid that we do not 
Never again will meet you and me. 

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