sunnuntai 19. lokakuuta 2014

Finnish culture

. (¯`v'¯) ❤ ♥ ♥ "The most important thing is not
......... ..`. •. • 'far reaching,
......... (● ̮̮ •) .. (● ̮̮ •) ♥ ♥, but close to the
......... /  █ \ ♥ /   █ \ ♥ ♥ coming .. "❤

Old and wise, it is a lie
Wisdom is favorable only to a few.
The child I always mentally,
rhymes creator of the tongue.

The rhyme and the rhyme of life is,
Battle of the hard fate.
What does it give to others at all,
others crawling around in agony.
Everyone believes in something,
Atheist own thoughts.

Gentlemen, fools and their tricks,
Money to Greece kilisee.
I write always about something,
is repeated one more cliché.

Finnish people now stretch the euro,
and look ahead to create a media monitor.

In the News, Tarja special breed of cat.
Flags of different countries, there are stars, sickles,
crosses, or even lions.
How, then, happens when the Finnishness
no longer appear in our hearts?

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