lauantai 11. lokakuuta 2014

New story

Morning will never be left 
I will create, the world has 
me a strange place. 
I live among strangers in the land, 
I'm looking for my place here 
I am part of this story. 

Give way to 
behind the triangle, it is part of the 
we have our rules. 
I want to be wild and free, 
live to the fullest, no one 
can not bind my soul with cords. 

The world let me 
pace to go, 
you increase the wings, 
and fly. 
I can even live in my dreams 
Moomins with the Riviera. 
The road in front of me screaming, 
complex after 
calls to examine the 
the wind direction. 
I'm not frightened rabbit, 
I do not hide behind head first into the 
behind a tree. 
Something is always in the past, 
and someone starts a new story 
to us today here again.

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