keskiviikko 15. lokakuuta 2014

Autumn morning

I lit the candle flame, 
I watched it a little while, 
and dream. 
Night closed his arms around me 
sleep window, pulling 
the curtains closed. 
Sleep walked my way to the ground, 
until the morning came again 
the ground of people. 

I can see the morning now dawning, 
the dream of laughter, 
and the songs I recognize. 
It is time for the October misty morning, 
dispose of it off the ghost of the midnight. 

Now autumn makes me think, 
what else I can not recall. 
I am looking for something 
that was forgotten me long 
then already out. 
It is good luck ever I can find, 
or is longing arc 

Now, I love life more than ever 
I loved before. 
It is the most important thing just
 follow the sound of the heart, 
gives the light in my eyes light up, 
when the love of me 
maybe find a way.
 I whisper words the morning 
the winds of the world.

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